Sexy Sunday

  • "Sexy Sunday"
  • "At The Met. Argyle Rd, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 3HU"
  • "Love Life Love Sexy Sunday"
  • "19 years of Sexy Sunday"

Sexy Sunday is back!

All Sexy Sunday Events (Sexy Sunday and Manic Monday) are back at The Met, Whitby.

After a few changes, a name change (and a few tall tales regarding the event) we're giving you back the event that made it happen.

The Fringe Weekends built themselves as part of Whitby's Goth Weekend and Sexy Sunday was and still is a BIG part of that. You asked for it. You've got it.

We are still the same goth night we always have been. Playing Goth, Industrial, Alternative 80's.

Strict goth dress code (no nudity). Over 18's only.