Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website

My name is Poppy, I had to leave this world recently for puppy heaven on 21st May 2005. I had tummy pains for a while and was being sick. My vet found a tumour and they couldn't fix me back together again. My mummy has wrote a poem about me. Please dont be sad mummy, I am happy here and I am always around you, I loved you so much as we had such a strong bond. We will never be apart, my spirit follows you. Until I see you again love and licks, your loyal Poppy dog xxxxx

I want to share with you a liquid glucosamine product that helped my osteo arthritis.

I didn't like glucosamine tablets, not only did I spit them out a lot because I didn't like the taste, even when my Mum and Dad disguised them in food and being a labrador I LOVED my food, they didn't seem to work as good as the liquid product. My mum and dad had no problems getting me to take my medicine as they just poured the required dose onto my food so we were all happy.

I found the liquid glucosamine product at a company called Flexicose This product worked into my bloodstream much faster and lubricated my joints much quicker.

As a result I could run and play with my friends again and was not as stiff first thing on a morning. I also wore a Bioflow collar which uses magnetic therapy to help with pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Even my mum has one.

If you would like to ask my mum and dad anything please email them or to try any of these products please click on the links above.

Love and licks Poppy who doesn't need her medications as i'm happily running around poppydog heavenx