What is Magnotherapy?

The use of magnets to promote healing, improve health and for pain relief has been used in the Far East for centuries. It is now recommended by many doctors, physios and vets. It is believed that a combination of magnetic fields applied to the body helps to create agitation of molecules in the blood, helping it to carry more oxygen and remove toxins more efficiently.

I was bought a Bioflow collar, for Christmas 2004. Bioflow magnetic cat collars and dog collars are used to apply magnetic fields to the blood flow, for conditions such as arthritis, joint and muscle stiffness, pain, fatigue and many other ailments.

People have reported benefits ranging from small but worthwhile alleviation of symptoms to dramatic changes in the quality of their pet's life.

Why Ecoflow products?

Ecoflow designed and patented Central Reverse Polarity magnets specifically to maximise the agitation of the molecules - whether blood, petrol, diesel, gas oil or water the reult is the same - better efficiency.
* Complete peace of mind
* A 90 day money back guarantee on all products excludes consumables and subject to 15% handling fee).
* Guaranteed against faulty parts and workmanship.
* Magnetic properties guaranteed for life.
* 7 day refund policy for mail order customers.
* Customer loyalty scheme.