27.05.96 ~ 21.05.05

Why did you have to leave me
You’ve broken mummy’s heart
I thought we had much longer
Before we had to part

We are sorry we had to leave you
The night before your op
The torment in my heart
I know it will never stop

But as you were so poorly
You had to stay with the vet
We were trying to make you better
You were such a special pet

I feel ever so guilty
I wasn’t there for you in the end
I couldn’t even say goodbye
To my loving and loyal friend

I can’t see a way forward
I want you back with me
To take you on your field
To go running off your lead

I want you back to cuddle
To bunky up on the bed
So we can go night-nights together
As I softly stroke your head

I miss you playing with daddy
Playing raggy on the rug
Then getting all tired out
And falling asleep ever so snug

We miss your silly runs
Running round and round
Your big clumsy paws
Pounding on the ground

We will never forget you
Even though we’ve had to part
But it will take time
To mend our broken hearts

So please come back and visit
And let us know you’re still here
Loving thoughts and memories of you
We will always hold so dear